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Husbands Protect Their Wives

My 7th Anniversary as a Rules Coach

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Aspiring for Elegant Efficiency

Hello! Writing a fast blog to commemorate my 7th anniversary! On this day 7 years ago... I officially became a Certified Rules Dating Coach. It was my 5th Rules anniversary one year and TR author, Sherrie Schneider wrote on my FB post, "Don't call him, call Kim!"

I thought it was so funny and wrote, "Love that line. Catchy and rhymes. You're the QUEEN of 1-liners, Sherrie!" I seriously considered using it because it's catchy, concise and easy to remember.

Because I respect my husband's opinion, I will often ask him for advice. He has good sense, good taste, gives flawless advice... And he's always right!

So I asked him what he thought and he didn't like it. He said it was too cheesy, infomercial-y like a personal injury lawyer commercial and not "elegant" enough. He sees me as a classy, upscale, elegant person, and did not feel that it fits my persona. OK... So I dropped it.

I did not get hurt, upset or offended that he didn't like it. I listened to his reasons. He was worried about my image. His objection was for my protection.

Fast forward 2 years later, that phrase popped in my mind again as I was writing hashtags for Instagram. In my gut, it felt like the right message, so I emailed Ellen & Sherrie to ask them what they thought. I told them I wanted to use it 2 years ago but my husband didn't like it and explained why.

Sherrie said, "I love it! What does he suggest instead???"

Now Sherrie is always respectful of my husband's opinion not only because she's a Rules Wife, but historically he's always been right. He's also smart enough to say, "I'm not the person to ask" and will refrain from giving unqualified advice.

Smart people know when they don't have all the answers and don't try to give fluffy answers just to make you feel better. Writing clever, concise and catchy 1-liners is an artform and it's not his thing. But Sherrie's the Queen!

Sherrie said, "Just USE IT!!!" I said, "OK!"

That's it. I'm going with it because it captures the urgency of the day-to-day dating problems of single women who have no time to waste.

Let's not waste another minute with broke losers, shallow players and Buyer Beware's. Stop chasing men who don't love you.

Do The Rules. Get the ring. Get it done! If you need my help, pick up the phone!

My clients get proposals in a year or less. Believe it. You could be next!

It's not unrealistic or unreasonable when you have an experienced coach who has your back and tons of overwhelming proof.

Yes, The Rules is hard. Dating is discipline. It requires delay gratification. And the only thing getting in your way is your excuses.

My husband and I don't always agree on everything and that's OK. Especially when it comes to the details of my business. In fact, that's one of the reasons why our marriage has been so stable, long-standing and successful.

We don't mix business with marriage. I've seen many marriages suffer or fall apart because the couple was running a business together and they each had a completely different approach.

Many couples who work together fight a lot because they have fundamental differences in their approach due to their personalities. There's often a clash in their values, goals, and manner of doing things.

My husband is right. Doing things in an elegant way is important to me but it's not the only thing that matters. I also want to be efficient and it's hard to be both sometimes.

I'm glad my husband is highly sensitive and protective of my image. He won't post bad or average photos of me on social media unless if they are "Instagrammable," which means of very high quality. He's a photographer, so he is strict about what images he posts and doesn't want any unflattering photos of me out there. Good husbands protect their wives. It's a sign of deep respect, admiration and esteem.

Speaking of elegance, which tends to be my main running theme... This week, I was in a consult with client who was looking for my audios. Apparently, she had found an old link to one of my Rules classes with Ellen. I told her I wasn't promoting them anymore and hid the links because I didn't think they looked elegant. (Although, many other women have been clever enough to find them.)

She said, "Oh, no! Elegance comes from inside. I am sure you were elegant back then as you are now!" Haha! So cute. I'm grateful for sweet and wonderful clients.

(Well, telling her I didn't think it was elegant did not stop her. After our consult, she ended up finding those audios the very next day! I think she purchased every single one of them. Wow. Clever one. Woman on a mission! I like that. Woman after my own heart. No excuses. She found a way! Haha... She's going to be my next success story. I just know it. The last client who did that got engaged in 4 months flat.)

I'm not the most creative person on the planet, but here's my Instagram post with the new signature hashtag so you can find my unforgettable quotes.

Hope I can make a cheesy line look elegant.

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