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Dating Below Your League?

The truth about why you make the decisions you do

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Classic Dating Problem

Are you dating below your league? Dating men you don't want? But feel like maybe you should give them a chance? Because after repeated trial and error, you have learned that guys you're not interested in like treat you like a princess. Meanwhile, guys you like aren't stepping up or just go "Poof!" And you don't even know why.

The clock is ticking, you're not getting any younger, you want to have babies or just settle down, and your options are running out. What should you do?

All your friends and family are telling you:

"Don't be so picky!"

"Don't be so shallow!"

"Be open! You never know. He may grow on you!"

Half the time, they might be right. Half the time, they're wrong. I understand. The struggle is real!

You are not the only one in this boat. This is a classic case. It's when a woman decides to date a guy she's not attracted to, but finally gives in because:

  1. He's so persistent and won't go away.
  2. No one else is making any offers and her calendar is open.
  3. She is caught in a moment of desperation and accepts more out of boredom, loneliness or needing validation than out of real interest.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the attention of an admiring suitor. It's nice to feel desired, pursued and validated.

There is nothing wrong enjoying the pleasure of someone's company for the short-term. It's just a date and nothing more.

Just so long as you're not fooling yourself into believing this is the ideal romantic relationship and a true happiness that will last.

And just because a suitor is persistent, plans dates, picks you up and pays doesn't mean he's the one. While these things are Rules-y on a basic level, there is much more to building a successful, long-term, committed relationship than Dating 101.

The Rules is not just about getting a date for Saturday night. It's about the rest of your life.

A strong, stable and successful marriage has high requirements most relationships don't meet. They won't even begin to scratch the surface because most women tend to focus on easy, short-sighted tactics that make them feel good for the moment but have zero impact in the long run.

This is why women date "by The Rules" for years without results.

The Rules are about getting the guy you want, not the guy you don't want. Sure, it's easy to do The Rules on guys you don't like. But the sweetest victory of all is getting the guy you want to love you more than you love him.

If guys you like aren't considering you, then perhaps you should take a look at what you can do to improve your looks, personality, self-presentation, your habits and the choices you make on a daily consistent basis.

It is a woman's age-old duty to make herself attractive, interesting and of value to others so that she will be considered by quality potential suitors. Not unsuitable men. She must be a walking picture of every man's ideal woman, because married life is "the ideal life." And we all want the best possible partner to build that life with.

Instead of dating anyone--because it's easier to take whatever you can get--you must LEVEL UP until what you want chases you.

This requires SELF-IMPROVEMENT, which is not an easy quick fix. It is a daily discipline and lifelong commitment--just like marriage.

Self-improvement takes time, commitment, financial resources, specialized knowledge, self-discipline, patience, the willingness to push past a high level of frustration and take instruction.

When women say, "I need to work on myself," most of the time, they really have no clue what they need to work on. They erroneously believe they know what the problem is. Then spend all their time and energy doing what they think will turn out their future when the truth is, they are far from the mark. So they continue doing the same thing, year after year, still struggling, even more frustrated, and still alone.

They might be working hard, but in the wrong direction. It often takes expert intervention to help them separate the useful and relevant facts from the useless and irrelevant facts.

Not all information is equal in value and importance. The vast majority of people work on things that matter least while ignoring what matters most.

Everyone has a blind spot. The problem with human beings is we are able to clearly see and correct the flaws of everyone else but our own.

"Fish can't see water" because they are too deep into it.

Book a consultation to know exactly what you should be working on to get results.

Don't wait until you wished you had started this 10 years ago.

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