Finding love can be a quiet, desperate struggle. But it's one you can win with Kim's help.

    You need Kim if you're tired of...

    • Tons of texts, Facebook posts, and emails, but no dates.


    • Missing your ex and trying to get him back.


    • Self-help books and relationship blogs that don't help.


    • Calling therapists, astrologers, and psychics


    • Signing up for multiple dating websites with no success.


    • Online support groups that mean well but waste time.


    • Going to bars while friends are all married and having baby showers.


    • Approaching 40 and worrying it's too late for kids.


    • Being a success at work, but with no marriage certificate.

    Kim will help you answer...

    • What his mixed messages mean.


    • Why he likes your Facebook photos but isn't asking you out.


    • Can friends with "benefits" become something more.


    • How to stop him from pulling away.


    • How to turn a long-term relationship into a proposal.


    • How to get an old boyfriend back and get him to propose.


    • How to know if a man is not worthy of you.


    • Why you're still single and what to do differently.


    • How to turn sadness and hopeless feelings around.


    "I have a reputation for getting results. I've worked heart and soul for it.


    I've applied trusted and true principles that have stood the test of time.


    I don't always tell my clients what they want to hear. Rather, I listen carefully and coach them on how to get results.


    If you're serious about romance and getting the all-important proposal, call me, I look forward to working with you." – Kim


    Call Kim for a consultation to find out what's wrong and how to fix it.

    Learn the "strict, but successful" dating plan that works!

  • Featured on Fox 7 News as the local love expert

    There are many dating coaches. But only one Kim Evazians.

    Her incredible track record of romantic proposals speaks for itself.

    Women who are SERIOUS about success choose Kim.

  • Certified by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider

    Authors of the #1 New York Time’s Bestseller, The Rules.

    Ellen & Sherrie:

    "Kim lives and breathes The Rules! She got married by doing The Rules and wants to help women find the same relationship happiness with her no-nonsense advice and passion for the truth!


    Book a consultation with Kim today and change your love life for the better! "


    "I'm modern when it comes to career, old-fashioned when it comes to romance."

    Kim believes in...

    • Love at first sight, that first spark of attraction.


    • Letting the man pursue, pay for dates and properly court a woman.


    • Marrying a man who loves you more than you love him.


    Sound too good to be true? It's not. Kim is living proof.

    So are millions of women who followed The Rules, many of whom have been coached by Kim personally.

    If You Want Results

    Call Kim Evazians. An experienced coach with a successful marriage, and an amazing track record of proposals.



    The exquisite tradition of old-fashioned courtship and marriage.



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  • Proposals

    My clients from around the world share their amazing proposal stories. You should be next!

    Romantic Sunset Proposal

    35, Elementary Teacher, Texas

    Hi Kim, I wanted to share some great news with you :) This week when I was with my boyfriend in New Mexico visiting his family, he proposed!

    We had gone on a sunset hike with a picnic and we were listening to the radio.

    By chance the song "Marry Me", by Train came on and he felt it was the right moment. I was completely surprised! He didn't tell anyone except my stepdad (asking for his blessing) and a friend/work colleague who helped him with the ring.

    He wanted to do something unique and special so he got the ring from an antique jewelry auction. It had belonged to a couple married for 65 years! It's so romantic and absolutely gorgeous.

    Finding The Rules has really changed my life and I can't thank you enough for all your advice, wisdom, and support. I would like to continue learning The Rules lifestyle and consulting with you about rules for being engaged, married, etc...

    I am glad you will still be consulting while traveling. I look forward to following your travels online. I'm so very happy and excited!! Thank you!

    Beautiful Bermuda Proposal

    28, Advertising Project Manager, New York

    He popped the question last night on our surprise destination trip to beautiful Bermuda! I am so happy - we had the most incredible weekend celebrating. He made me feel like a princess 10x over!

     He proposed on the first night of the trip. We were about to head out to a nice dinner on the Island, but I came out from getting ready, and he said, "You look so gorgeous. Come out on the balcony and see this beautiful full moon." [Our hotel room had a gorgeous balcony with views of the ocean, and the moon was literally right next to us - it was insanely pretty!] Then, he said "I love you so much, and you make me so happy, will you marry me?" and got down on one knee! I was so surprised, it took me a few seconds to process. I said, Oh my god...then said Yes! He originally wanted to propose at dinner, but when he saw how beautiful the setting was outside, he thought it was the perfect moment.

    The dinner afterwards was kind of a blur of excitement, but we had the most incredible day after celebrating - we went to the beach, got couples massages and had an incredible, romantic dinner, and champagne in the room! It didn't even feel real until I got home and saw my family and caught up with my best friends. He couldn't have planned a more wonderful weekend for us.

    Now, we're trying to pin down a date for Summer or Fall! Thanks for all of your help and support over the past few months. You're the best!

    Diving Proposal in the Barrier Reefs of Australia

    35, Costume Designer, California

    Hi Kim, He proposed! Thank you so very much for your guidance, my FIANCEE and I are so excited. Your place in helping me achieve this is so valuable, that's why I told you first!

    It was a beautiful proposal and came as a surprise to me! I can't wait to tell you all about it. For now, I'm still getting used to being engaged and talking about our future together!   

    Prior to being engaged, she wrote:

    My relationship is so great now! Better than ever. My man is a perfect loving boyfriend (even when I’m mad at him, ha-ha). I love listening to the recordings of the consults so I can listen again whenever I need and learn something I may have missed. This is important for me because Kim’s coaching suggestions are a revelation! She really does give you a new perspective and a new attitude for dating. For me, the recordings really add value for money. And still, I can’t wait for my next consult just to see how much deeper our happiness can go with Kim’s coaching! I’m so grateful!

    Hot Air Balloon Proposal in Brazil

    Body Therapist, Sao Paolo, Brazil

    Hello Kim, Thank you for your support and for helping me get here, even if you didn’t know it! Actually I am quite surprised with the unfolding. We dated less than a year and a half. He talked about an engagement by the 8th month. Even though I felt like I didn’t do The Rules perfectly, it was still a Rules-y relationship. The Rules work! Yesterday he proposed during a hot air balloon ride!

    I am a big fan and loyal and very attentive reader of Kim’s blogs, paying attention to her every hidden tip! I learned a lot from what Kim explains as “counter-intuitive” and getting into man’s head. That taught me how to pick my battles because this relationship was my very first Rulesy one! I didn’t get much practice to stick to everything but I had enough will to try my best because I just knew he was the one for me.

    Two Rings in One Week!

    34, Behavioral Consultant, South Dakota

    Hello Kim! I just wanted to share some wonderful news with you… I am recently engaged with a wedding date planned for the near future! I thank you so much for your guidance and advice over the past year. Without God and you, I would not have become the woman I needed to be for my soon to be husband.

    Thank you so much for teaching me the fine art of blending The Rules with the Secrets of the Modern Geisha. Most definitely life-changing for this woman! Your advice helped me tremendously all along the way.

    My fiancé is the alpha male I last consulted with you on in October. He proposed two weeks ago with a ring that he chose, but then took me shopping the next day to let me choose another ring… So I received two diamond rings in the course of one week.

    He has thanked me for being feminine and allowing him to feel like a man. He has said that most women come across so masculine and hardened that he had given up on finding a woman he wanted to marry… Until I came along. I have to admit that I used to be one of those kind of women until I started learning from you and studying the art of femininity. So thank you again for helping me learn what men are looking for in women.

    Romantic Bed & Breakfast at Yelton Manor

    26, ESL Tutor, Missouri

    Hello Kim, I just wanted to let you know and thank you because this weekend my boyfriend took me on a surprise weekend getaway to a place I’ve always wanted to go and proposed!! So, thank you for all of your advice, it has helped me immensely! He told me that he wanted to take me to Chicago to spend some alone time with me. On our drive there, he surprised me and told me that we were going to this place I’ve always wanted to go, that we were staying in this lovely bed and breakfast on a lake and that it would be even better because it was the first day of fall, and fall is my favorite season!

    The next morning he told me that he wanted to take me to the beach and see this lighthouse, as I also love lighthouses. So, we did and as we walked down the pier, he got so serious and I thought, what’s going on? Why is he being so weird! Then he got down on one knee and proposed! It was all so surreal! And for the rest of the weekend, we had a wonderful time sharing with everyone what just happened and visited beautiful wineries, chocolate stores, and antiquing! It was wonderful! We even were featured on our bed and breakfast’s Facebook page!


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  • Testimonials

    What Clients Are Saying


    Your Guiding Voice When You Feel Lost

    I’ve had almost 10 sessions with Kim and I want everyone to know my gratitude for finding her. My relationship feels great. I think without Kim’s guidance I’d be lost again and again. 

    Today I listened again to the MP3 of our first consult and realized how glad I was she is in my life. She is a true guide – towards love and a beautiful relationship. I hope every woman will have the opportunity to consult with Kim and enjoy success in love. Thanks Kim, for always being understanding, comforting, positive and wise.


    Saves the Expense of Therapy

    Kim taught things in one session that I have could have spent months or years in therapy trying to acquire. There is something about her demeanor and choice of words that can leave you feeling positive instantly. I love how she personalizes her advice to each unique lady’s situation. The Rules book is general, but Kim gives your own specialized plan!

    This is my third session with Kim, and there’s something very cleansing and inspiring about the coaching. I was having a rough weekend, but my spirits were lifted up. The more I get to know Kim, the more I know that it’s worth investing!

    Los Angeles

    Results Are Priceless

    I was not interested in the variety of good, great, or even more popular relationship coaches, and there are many who fit that description. Instead, I wanted to be led ABOVE that realm (as I do not have time or money to waste), I wanted to be led to a coach who is superiorly, expertised and gifted in the area of relationships. I wanted someone who not only is masterful in passing on ways of being, but who also exhibits that in their own life.

    Kim is the TOTAL package and is even beyond what I had hoped for in an exceptional coach!! And even her own very loving, fun and vibrant marriage are a testament to how she is indeed a CUAO… And a relationship coach unlike any other as well.

    I’m so glad I made and will continue to make this worthy investment. Going the cheap route just isn’t successful (i.e. reading tons of magazines, talking to girlfriends who are well-meaning but are not experts, reading relationship books) —-nor is wasting money successful (i.e. ongoing therapy, counseling, costly seminars)–but making an investment that has led to my BLISSFUL RESULTS!!!! (By working with Kim)—has been PRICELESS!!


    Your Lifeline for Love

    My first consult was at the beginning of June 2012. I had not heard about Kim but stumbled across her name one night while internet browsing. Since then I’ve had Modern Geisha lessons, private consultation and have interacted with other members in her secret support group. I find Kim and her work highly empowering and inspiring! This lady is unique, a virtuoso in the Eastern philosophy. 

    There is something ‘maddeningly addicting’ which keeps me coming back to her for coaching and advice.  A 'Lifeline' is my description of Kim Evazians. Thank you for being so committed and available to your clients, Kim. I only have to click the button and book a consultation or a lesson and it’s arranged. 

    You are very willing to share and teach YOUR SECRETS of the ‘uncommon woman.' That 'Aha' moment comes to me fairly often because of your coaching sessions with me... How to just 'be,' it sounds so easy, but one has to know HOW to just be to initiate this way of being... Thank you, Kim for showing me how!


    Deeper Level of Wisdom and Empowerment

    Kim is a unique, inspiring individual who has a wealth of wisdom and expertise to offer. Having listened to some of her amazing audio lectures, I was so impressed with her approach that I made the decision to book a few consults with her.

    I found her to be incredibly thorough, committed to her clients' success and overall, the quality of service she provides is excellent. Even though I had practiced the Rules for many years and read a lot of related literature, she took the philosophy to a much deeper level.

    Her coaching was very empowering, giving me greater insights into relationships with simple, practical steps to follow.

    Thank you for all your guidance, I look forward to working with you again in future!


    The Rules for Marriage

    I am married and had done The Rules prior to our marriage. I had worked with other Rules coaches before, but Kim seems to be one coach who really “gets” it! With her knowledge of the rules and her really understanding men, she has helped me turn my marriage around! I had been going through some really tough times prior to calling her and the “D” word was even mentioned by my husband. After one call and about one week of doing The Rules in my marriage, I saw changes! I am sold enough on her coaching that I WILL call her again and get the coaching I need, as I need it! My marriage it worth it and I believe in her and the advice she has given me! The proof is the changes I saw in my marriage just after one calling session with her! She is wonderful!! Thanks Kim!


    Wonderful Prescription

    Hello Kim, Thank you for your prescription! I thought I knew The Rules by heart. I’ve even had other consults, but Kim is the coach for me! Her understanding and guidance helped revive my relationship overnight! Even with all these years of rules practice under my belt, Kim has doubled my understanding of the successful man/woman love dynamic and my confidence within my relationship. I feel so lucky I found her. I’m excited for my next consult with her so my relationship can go even deeper for us both! Thank you, Kim for the wonderful “prescription” and advice and guidance!!


    Believe in Love Again

    Kim’s tools are simple and easy to use. Her teachings take The Rules to a different level. She helps with all relationships in general. So that you live a holistic life, men will find you charming. But then again people around you will find you charming as well. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a small price to pay for something that can go a long way. Do less for more! I had two dates in one day… Whoa! She helps us believe in love again, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you!

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